ACGAL – for us, by us

On October 6, 2018, five state-level educational organizations in Alabama collaborated to present the Alabama Conference on Grading and Assessment for Learning – a one-day conference focused on classroom grading and assessment practices. For some, this event was long overdue and a natural next step in the professional dialogue that has been building in recent months and years.

On the other hand, the event was also seen as a beginning. Educators who reflect carefully on their practices around grading and assessment and who dig into this area of practice often view this work as essential. Many in attendance at the conference (and many who were unable to attend) voiced strong support for continuing this collective work. 98% of respondents to the conference survey indicated they are either likely or extremely likely to attend again or recommend it to colleagues if it becomes an annual event.  More importantly though, is the discussion and feedback offered by many suggesting that for improvement in our individual and collective practice around grading and assessment, we need a network of practitioners.

So, today is the launch of a blog to answer that call. Each week, a different educator from around Alabama will author a post. The purpose is for people doing this work to share what they have learned and are learning. We hope that this format will provide a wide range of ideas, examples, and opportunities for growth.

Many of the presenters from the conference have agreed to share to get the ball rolling. If you (or someone you know) is interested in contributing, please contact Andrew Maxey (who manages the logistics of the blog – amaxey(at) for more information. If we are to learn from each other, we need lots more folks to step up and share!

Please share these posts as they are published, use them to spark discussion in person and on social media, interact with the authors, and keep the conversation going. We welcome your feedback and look forward to being part of strong professional collaboration that directly benefits our students.

Andrew Maxey is the Director of Special Programs for Tuscaloosa City Schools.

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